Halloween is coming

Halloween is an exciting time to give back and share a spooky good time with kids in need!


Family Holiday Promise is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income families ensure that their children are able to celebrate not just Christmas but holidays such as Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's Day. We want to bring hope to every child and the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.  We are committed to creating cherished holiday memories, which helps kids escape for a moment from the reality of their lives today.

Many charities for children focus exclusively on making sure that children get to celebrate Christmas. While this is important, children have a right to enjoy other holidays throughout the year as well. Other holidays also have the potential to build a powerful bond with families and communities. Developing a series of rituals around holidays allows families to express their values and to engage in their community.


At Family Holiday Promise our mission is to share the promise of the holidays with children in need, despite their circumstances.

Giving hope for the future

Children from disadvantaged households often face uncertainty and instability in their everyday living Holiday traditions give children and their families a structure to rely upon as well as a positive way to interact with their communities.

Holiday traditions, like preparing Valentines to exchange with friends at school, painting Easter eggs, participating in a Halloween costume parade, or making baked cookies to leave out for Santa, should be activities every child gets to experience.

These are activities parents and children can enjoy together to strengthen their relationship with one another. In times of upheaval, the comfort of these celebrations can be crucial to children's well-being, providing a familiar anchor amid unpredictable conditions.

Many children in disadvantaged situations are struggling with enormous life challenges. Being able to forget those issues for a while and enjoy holiday experiences and gifts can give them a sense of security in the present and hope for the future.















Provide a moment of happiness

At Family Holiday Promise, we are committed to providing joyful holiday experiences to children in need. Your donation can help us continue to do that.