Our Story

Jan 17

Growing Up Poor

It is alarming to know that children are 62% more likely to experience poverty than adults. 12% of children in Colorado are living in poverty.

Feb 22

Poverty has a Lasting Impact on Children

give kids living in poverty hope

Children are more sensitive to the negative impacts of living in poverty when they are young, and their brains are developing. Research shows that when young children are raised in poverty, the negative impact can be felt well into adulthood.

Mar 23

Poverty Never Rests

help vulnerable children enjoy holidays

The misery that children face due to poverty is not just at Christmas but also all year round. Many charities focus on Christmas, but NO ONE ensures that most vulnerable children in Colorado can celebrate not just Christmas but the holidays such as Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

Apr 24

We Take Action

The charity project, Family Holiday Promise, is started with the mission to empower families and share the promise of the holidays with children living in poverty. Founders of the charity start purchasing and building an inventory of books, stuffed animals, toys, craft materials, and other holiday items to donate to kids in need.

Feb 25

No Easter Bunny In Sight

Helping Kids in Need Celebrate Easter

Many children living in poverty have never dyed eggs, enjoyed the thrill of an Easter egg hunt, or received an Easter basket.

Mar 01

Baskets of Joy

Family Holiday Promise enables families to celebrate Easter with joy and delight. We donated Easter baskets, cute bunny DIY projects, egg decorating kits, and Easter egg hunt supplies to children in need. For some, it was their first Easter Basket, ever.

May 01

Charitable Giving & Donations

Family Holiday Promise collects its first-ever donations to help us fulfill our mission. Donations were used to buy art and craft kits, holiday blankets, books, stickers, toys, stuffed animals to give to kids in need during the upcoming holiday.

Oct 01

Trick or Treat?

Child feeling left out

Halloween may seem like trivial “holiday,” the children who are unable to participate in school Halloween parades and trick-or-treating are left with feelings of exclusion and shame.

Oct 31

Fostering Imaginations and Inclusion

Family Holiday Promise saw this need and gave disadvantaged and vulnerable children a real shopping experience to pick out a Halloween costume that they were excited and proud to wear.

Feb 01

Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day at most schools means cards, candy, crafts, and stuffed animals. It also means lots of kids feel left out, unpopular and marginalized.

Feb 05

Love Is in the Air

By love, we mean love that reveals itself through acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. In the season of love, Family Holiday Promise reaches out to children in need to show them love with a party, Valentine crafts and classroom Valentines with their favorite characters.

Jul 23

Board of Directors

Family Holiday Promise Board of Directors

Family Holiday Promise forms a board of directors and begins the process to qualify as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). As a nonprofit, Family Holiday Promise will be eligible for private charity grants and can offer tax deductions to individuals or businesses that give charitable contributions.

Aug 27

Family Holiday Promise is a Nonprofit

Family Holiday Promise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Colorado. Family Holiday Promise appreciates the loyal support of all donors, including individuals, corporations, churches, schools, foundations and community organizations. Your dollars enable us to ensure every child can enjoy the promise of the holidays despite their family’s financial circumstances.

Sep 01

Need a Little Christmas Cheer

Couple Trying to Pay Bills

Nothing drains the wonder of Christmas like struggling to pay rent and put food on the table, and not being able to provide your kiddos with anything for Christmas.

Sep 02

Just Believe

Family Holiday Promise helps families believe in miracles, in elves, in magic, in reindeers, in human compassion, in time-traveling sleighs and to experience the joys of Christmas.

Sep 03

Progressing in our Mission

Family Holiday Promise looks to expand and increase its support of Community Partners, 501c3 organizations that are committed to bettering the lives of children living in poverty.

The Future

Our vision is that one day, every child in Colorado will be able to experience the joys of childhood and experience the promise of the holidays despite their circumstances. We want to serve as the light of hope in these children and their families lives during a time that may seem hopeless and offer a sense of normalcy in a time that may be anything but.