Board of Directors

Family Holiday Promise is lead by a diverse group of individuals dedicated to helping kids from low-income families enjoy the promise of the holidays. Family Holiday Promise is led by a Board of Trustees, comprised of committed individuals who volunteer their time and energy to support the organization's mission and vision. The Trustees are not compensated for their services.

Brittany Smith Founder Family Holiday Promise

Brittany Smith

Founder & Executive Director

Brittany is passionate and dedicated to serving the poor and needy families in Colorado. She’s worked at two nonprofits focused on programs that better the lives of lower-income families and the homeless.

She brings Family Holiday Promise expertise in donor acquisition, fundraising, building strategic partnerships, and event management.

Brittany founded Family Holiday Promise to bring a smile to the faces of disadvantaged children during the holidays and reduce the financial stress of families living in poverty.

Brittany received her Bachelor of Business Management degree from Colorado State University in 2017.

Sallie Burnett Family Holiday Promise

Sallie Burnett

Founder & Board President

Sallie brings more than 25 years experience of teaching, marketing, and consulting a wide-spectrum of CEOs and Senior Executives ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial start-ups to her work here at Family Holiday Promise.

She is fervent about giving all kids the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the holidays. Imagining a child feeling left out during Halloween or Valentine celebrations at school or not getting to experience the joy of Easter and Christmas festivities with family drove her desire to found Family Holiday Promise.

She has a personal passion to ensure no child goes without during the holidays simply because their family can’t afford it.

Marnie O'Connor

marnie o'connor

Board Member

Marnie’s experience that she brings to the FHP Board is a life lived in giving back to her community and those in need of mentorship. Volunteering and giving back was taught to her by her parents and grandparents and was part of her daily life in rural Colorado. Her career at State Farm allowed her to continue to help people when they were most in need.

Marnie has been a stay at home mother for 21 years and knows the importance of making cherished moments in children’s lives. She was a board member for Teen Mops and mentored young mothers in their new journey into parenthood. Marnie was also on the PTA and PTSA boards for her children’s elementary and high school. In these positions, she was able to help raise funds for all the children in the school to have fun experiences such as school carnivals, school dances, science fairs, classroom parties, and field trips.

Marnie brings with her experience in helping organize fundraising events and social events. Her passion for improving the lives of future generations will be of great benefit to Family Holiday Promise.

Ari Marie Sharp

Ari Marie Sharp

Board Member

Ari is dedicated to helping others whenever she can. She is a strong but compassionate leader who is kind-hearted and hopes to significantly impact the lives of others. Having received her Associates of Science degree in 2019, she is continuing her education with aspirations to earn a Bachelors of Biochemistry with a concentration in environmental conservation.

As a child, her family would sponsor families by providing their Christmas presents, food and decorations. Ari wanted to take this a step further by helping families celebrate more holidays than just Christmas. She was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to do just that through Family Holiday Promise. 

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